Elizabeth Anne Mary Lovegren
August 12, 1944 – January 9, 2015

Betty Lovegren Memorial Celebration of Life
Sunday, January 18, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Garden Chapel
Greenwood Memorial Park and Mortuary
4300 Imperial Ave.
San Diego, CA 92113


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50 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Thinking of you, Betty, and all of the fun adventures we’ve had. I’ll always treasure the opportunities to work with Dizzy Lizzy, Mrs. Claus, Top Hap and Tails, and all of the other wonderful characters you brought to life. You are a amazing example of an upbeat, resourceful, smart and determined woman who has been a mentor to many. Your light will always shine bright in our home and our hearts.

  2. Having gone to High School with your loving husband, Jon, and reconnecting with him through facebook over the past few years, I hold dear his friendship and warranted concern for your health. Compassionate prayers for better days for you are repeated many times throughout my day from here. Never doubt that you are surrounded by Angels of mercy. Love Is All ~ Warren “Jeffrey”

  3. Betty, I know it is a tough time you are walking through. From Jon’s posts I have sensed a great strength in you. May the many ways you have touched and blessed others now be returned to you.

  4. HI- Betty- I have been thinking of you lately. Kamal came over to play and let me know that you’re having a tough time. I wanted to let you know that I love you and your open heart. (However, Ted,my fat cat got in the way of typing, and actually sent things unedited.) Are you accepting visitors? May I drop off food?

  5. dear Betty
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love you so much. You are very fortunate to have Jon . Such a wonderful man and so devoted to you

  6. You don’t know me, but I remember you from the 9am Sunday Alano Club meeting. Always loved your upbeat attitude and unique style – a very special one. Life has its own course, but you are loved by more people than you know. Humans are hardy, so keep up your strength. I’ll pray for the best for you.

  7. Hi Betty Love,
    I’m up here in Toronto thinking of you. I will always remember the crazy statue gig at Humphrey’s for the CN railway. We all froze under the heat lamps standing still in the cold November night. The woman from Canada was wrapped in a blanket as the “statues” stood in bare feet. Eve was being pelted with chunks of ice flying off the ice sculpture’s chainsaw. It was all too funny! Fond memories will always keep us laughing. Thanks for being part of mine. Jon, I did the old switch a-roo and moved to Canada before Betty met you. Peace and Love to you both. Kelly

  8. Betty so many years we have worked together and been friends.
    You are one special person.
    Love you, Betty & Brad

  9. Dear Betty,

    Unfortunately, we do not know each other well but each time I hear the “vroum… vroum” of the orange/ gold car in Balboa Park, I know that you are here bringing lunch to your sweet husband. At that moment, always a smile comes to me. I never forget to check your outfits because their are fun and still elegant. You k now how to dress. You touch so many people in your own way. Thank you. With Love, Maic.

  10. Dear Betty,
    I am so sorry to hear about your battle with cancer — but am glad at least that you’ve had some special moments with your family this holiday season. I wanted to write to you because we are preparing to celebrate our older daughter’s 5th birthday later this month, and she especially requested face painting at the party — so I have been thinking about your fabulous singing telegrams, and the great paints you provided for the Corn Roast festivities… I will try to do you proud!
    Sending love and strength from Toronto. xoxox Margaret & family

  11. Hi Betty!

    You always brighten up my day. When I see you on Friday nights or Sunday mornings, I know I’m in for a fun couple of hours. My step gets a little more lively and my eyes start to twinkle. You are consistently upbeat and cheerful, and ready to be playful. You spread joy wherever you go, whether you are putting a henna tattoo on a youngster at Seaport, being Mrs. Santa Claus for homeless children, or sharing dinner with a bunch of friends. I love you so much!



  12. Hi beautiful, smiling, fun filled Betty,
    You’ve been in my heart & prayers the past few weeks when Luanne gave me the news regarding your health. We’ve all been Blessed knowing you & being part of our BALK group.
    Gods blessings for a peaceful, painless beautiful journey home to him. I’ll always remember your beautiful, smiling face. Thank you for being his Angel here on earth.
    Love & prayers,
    Gail Palermo

  13. You are such a light in so many people’s lives, including my own. Thinking about you and your family, Betty. Hoping that you are safe and comfortable. Love you so very much. xo, Megan

  14. Betty,
    I am so grateful to be a part of Big Animals with you. You are so loved there in that group and we missed you at the homeless shelter, but we do carry your giving and loving spirit with us. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Laura

  15. i cant tell you how much you have touched my life with your laughter and fun we had working on your car in keeping ell running you are an amazing woman love miss clause i pray for you every day that GOD will keep you safe in his arms and out of pain thank you for all your love that you have showed Katie, Anna & I you are in are prayers always love you Katie , Anna & Kenny

  16. Betty,

    Ever since I met you, you’ve been nothing but wonderful to me. In this short time, you’ve become like family. Your smile and fun energy always brightened my day. I will never forget the fun times we had together whether it was Santa breakfast or the poinsettia deliveries or just passing you by at the food court while you were painting someone’s face. I will forever hold on to the red glitter you gave me to apply to my lipstick for a shiny surprise. Your spirit shines and will continue to shine brighter than that glitter. I love you no matter where you are in life.

    Lots of love,

  17. Betty
    We really miss seeing you on Friday night. You are an important part of the group. You and Jon are in our prayers.

    Sincerely and with love. Nathan.

  18. Betty was the sunshine of every morning , the smile of every child, every strangers best friend.
    Love always

  19. Jon,
    I know the grief of loosing a loved one, it is just over a year since I lost my daughter.
    I know nothing that anyone can say will make it any easier for you, I wish I could.
    Life is never the same again, it just continues on.
    My tears, thoughts and prayers are with you.
    If there is anything I can do just let me know.

    Also as President of San Diego Mineral and Gem society I would like to express the club’s official condolencies. I know that all the members,especially all those who know you personally are feeling for you.

    Paul Williams

  20. Jon, as I sit here tonight I know there are no words of comfort to be said to over come your sorrow.. I look back at my 5 year journey through of this and I know the pain, the sorrow and the despair. Please Please Please look towards your true friends, they are there and will always be there to help, comfort and console. People tell you many things, but you need to walk mile which you now need to walk to understand. There are many that loved both your wife and you and as time slips by you will see this. Please try to gather yourself and try to move forward no matter how ever so hard to move forward. Try with all your heart to keep living no matter what. Come out to Vista in April and see and be with your friends. % years has passed for me and it still feels like yesterday, Time heals all wounds, I do not know, I have learned to live with the pain, I have learned that you do indeed need to move forward. Never the same but still life as we know it.. my love, my heart and my prayers are with you and never feel alone as the true friends and love ones will always have your back. Good bless Betty, God bless you and keep the faith and try, try to stay strong, trust me it is not easy.

  21. You have been blessed. Journaling your last month’s has been so inspiring. You have great family and friends. And you had each other til the end . Thank you for your amazing love…..


  23. You lived your life on stage
    one venue at a time
    but you were not immune
    to conquering hard times
    somewhere along the way
    you learned to rise above
    …and then you soared
    with a lightness of being
    overflowing with unparalleled love
    you were fiercely loyal and incredibly kind
    filling the world with color between the lines
    You walked through life as an example
    of courage, integrity, and charity of heart
    you gave people something special
    in every single earthly exchange
    whether it be a lively conversation
    a flash of your smile, or a wink with your eye
    you treated every day as if it were opening night
    for the role of becoming infinite light
    You did an excellent job, my friend. Brava! Well played!
    You left us all standing up, cheering loudly, wanting more.
    I expect you will encore through our intuition
    Guiding those of us who seek with open hearts
    You have been an beautiful example
    Of trudging through this world with incredible grace.
    I love you Ms Betty, forever and beyond

  24. Betty you are a beautiful person, a kindred spirit and an example for life. You lived as you saw fit and did it with strength and laughter. I had few shared days with you, but those that we did have we touched souls of others with love. The world will miss you, and you have made your mark on it.

  25. My heart is heavy with your passing. Some people are just bigger than life, and you were one of them. I know you’re at peace, but so many people miss you, and will continue to miss your loving, positive attitude. You showed us all how to walk through true adversity with dignity and love. Bless you, my sweet Betty!

  26. We have laughed for so many years. My husband Larry, the dogs Taffy and Indy, and all the grandchildren and my nieces will you. A grand lady, and a good friend.

  27. Rest in Peace, Betty. You were truly one in ten million. Everything you did with such style and class. Your attitude, bubbly and lighthearted, there to brighten every person’s day that you came in contact with. Such a gigantic heart and so generous with your love. Wow, are you going to be missed! The world is a few shades darker without you.

  28. Even though we didn’t see each other as much in recent years, I shall always appreciate the laughter that we shared and the tears. You have brought Joy to all who know you & I shall remember you whenever I find my funny bone being tickled. Love always.

  29. Dear Betty, You brought such joy to all those you met! I am the entertainer I am today thanks to yo.! I want to thank you for your friendship as well as your professionalism. My favorite was being Mrs. Claus’s elf side kick all these years! Thank you for including me into the family: I love you, miss you and continue to hold you in my heart. With all my love to you and your family.

  30. Betty, reading your guest book is a testament to the love so many feel for you. Your life has been a beautiful life. You have spread love and cheer for so many. My heart is heavy with loss, yet when I think of you I can’t help but smile. Certainly your spirit lives on through us all. Much love and peace for you.

  31. I met Betty through Cath many years ago. I also remember Bud as a boy. This is how long ago this was. Eventually I lost touch with Cath and Betty. I’m so sorry to hear of Betty’s illness and passing. A great shock. She was a ray of sunshine and a very talented person. My condolences to the family. So sorry she had such a protracted illness. Sorry for your loss.

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